Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) Approach Paper on Automated data flow (ADF) from Banks to RBI outlined a framework for putting in place a Central Data Repository (CDR) with various layers of Data Acquisition, Data Integration & Storage, Data Conversion & validation and Data submission. CRisMac ADF implemented the CDR concept in its entirety utilizing the expertise gained over a period of time working with several Banks on MIS Projects


The CDR is also used to cater to Banks internal business reporting requirements as well as to all the compliance requirements raised by RBI, Ministry of Commerce, SEBI and other regulators

The data is principally sourced from the CBS. However, the presence of a host of other peripheral transaction systems like Treasury, FX, and HRMS etc. at banks requires additional procedures to be put in place to provide for automated data flow to a CDR, as these are also information sources for MIS / RBI ADF

The solution is equipped with MOC screens for any desired changes suggested by Audit and will not allow the printing of final reports horizontal or vertical (as per BRA) until the Assets and the Liabilities are firmly equal

The reports emanating from the solution are in A4 size and are easily printable on desktop printers