Credit Monitoring App


‘Credit Monitoring App’, a cross platform mobile App, enables real-time monitoring of Stressed loan accounts by field functionaries of banks. Data of all loan accounts of such customers, as ‘allocated’ to each individual Dealing Officer at branch level by a Branch Manager, is made available in Real Time to the officers


  • Facts and figures of accounts can be updated by the officers as and when required, say during a field visit by such functionaries and the updates will be available to Nodal Officers and other designated senior functionaries at all times.
  • A Nodal Officer – the Branch Manager or Credit Officer at Zonal Office – can assign specific tasks to the Dealing Officer(s) and track any action to completion.
  • Allocation of bulk accounts by branch manager to various field functionaries at a branch and other activities such as report generation is done through the web- based version of the software at branch premises. However, BM will be able to reallocate an account through mobile app in case of need.