A Banks’ ability to generate adequate profits depends upon the asset quality and dynamics of managing their impaired assets. The economic slowdown has resulted in marked increase in impaired asset portfolio in banks. With the increasing volume of such assets locked up in litigations, process driven professional management of such accounts, is the need of the hour.

CRisMac Legal effectively allows the stakeholders to collaborate and control the components of recovery efforts objectively culminating in better recovery.


  • CRisMac Legal provides for recording and keeping track of all the litigations, which are filed against the Bank as well as by the Bank. The CRisMac Legal System covers Recovery Cases – Suits, Cases under DRT, SARFAESI Act and PDR Act. It also covers related areas such as Arbitration, Consumer Complaints, cases filed under Section 138 of Negotiable Instrument Act and Section 25 of the P & SS Act as well as Right to information (RTI).
  • CRisMac Legal application also incorporates an App which facilitates on-the-go monitoring of progress in cases, auto SMS and case related Task assignment to Dealing Officers and Advocates.
  • The system generates following type of Notices:
  • For any borrower, Default Notice, Recall Notice, SARFAESI Demand Notices, Possession Notices, Certificate of Sale
  • An ‘NPA Status Note’ for large borrowers is also generated through the system, along with a wide range of Reports, which touch the various aspects of litigation. This Status note can be viewed on the Mobile App also, allowing Executive officials to take quick decisions.