Integrations and Architecture

Integrations with Other World Class Solutions & Modern Architecture

Integrations with Other Banking Systems (By Function)

  • CRM
  • Loan Management System
  • Card Management System
  • NEFT/ RTGS/ SWIFT System
  • Core Banking System
  • Treasury System
  • Trade Finance System
  • AML

Illustrative List of Products with which CRISMAC Integrates

  • MetaGrid
  • e-IFS
  • e-CFS
  • FlexiCube
  • VisionPlus
  • e-CBF
  • GanSeva
  • MetaGrid
  • …..and many more products

“CRisMac” Architecture Highlights

  • Set-up is Cloud-native and Cloud Agnostic
  • Seamless deployments on Hybrid/ Private/ Public Cloud
  • On-Premises Option Available
  • Highly Secured Data Encryption and Data Transfer
  • Incorporating AI, Machine Learning and Chatbots
  • Portability Across Platforms
  • Mobility (Mobile Applications)
  • Excellent User Experience
  • User Friendly Reporting (including Dashboards) along with integration with other Data Visualization Products
  • Open Interface