The MIS module extensively covers all aspects of reporting to the Bank management as well as to RBI. The reporting is done to provide the controlling authorities with multiple viewpoints so as to enable them to take decisions holistically and with a broad outlook


The closing returns on advances are generated by the system for audit purpose. Automatic classification helps in maintaining consistency & uniformity in applying the norms

Reports like DSB, BSR (1A & 1B) & other returns can be directly generated at corporate level sparing the branches the effort of preparing the same and ROs from compiling periodically. HO can directly submit the statutory returns to RBI on magnetic media or hard copy

Asset classification reports in several combinations can be generated by the system for its use in analyzing region wise, branch- wise, industry wise, and activity wise status as inputs for risk management. These reports are available for different geographical area, ranging from state to village

NPA movement charts for region, state, industry, sector, activity or in its combination will be available after the database is periodically updated. The flow charts can be generated for both statutory submissions as well as for objective analysis of relative risk identification