It is a system that applies automated appraisal functionalities of extant business logics for SME loans. This assists the bankers to have a scientific approach for SME loan assessment using various systems as applicable to individual application


Provides for collation of basic date a required for appraisal in cross validated granularity for systematic appraisal

Facilitates segregation of applications into various SME buckets for specific appraisal as applicable viz. Small Business Enterprises or Medium Manufacturing Enterprises or Micro Business Enterprises etc

Enables appraisal of Working Capital for SME proposals using Operating Cycle Method, DP Method, Turn Over Method, MPBF Method or Cash Budget Method as the case may be

For Term Loan Appraisal system provides for Financial Statements- Balance Sheet / P&L data entry or upload

Liquidity Ratios, Solvency Ratios, Activity Ratios and Profitability Ratios auto calculated for data stored for Project Appraisal