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At the Forefront of FinTech Innovation

D2K Technologies - Our Story

Trusted for Comprehensive Technologies and Report Generation for 20+ Years in Banking and Finance

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We Build Innovative Knowledge Driven Solutions for Institutions and Communities to Make a Difference


D2K Technologies is a Software Product Company facilitating Digital Transformations for top Banks and NBFCs in the country. Our products and service offerings are developed by technical teams equipped with deep-rooted banking domain expertise. We help clients meet regulatory compliances, enhance business process development, improve customer retention and acquisition, and build deep analytical platforms.

Improving Efficiency through systems


We have serviced BFSI segments and NBFCs with contemporary solutions since 2001. Over the years we have evolved into a trusted Banking Advisory and have made strides with communities, processes, and profitability.


Today, our solutions integrate complex predictability and statistics modules to boost intrinsic, high-marketable value for businesses ready to make a difference. Our digital business engines and digital experience suites are customizable for easy adoption and easy up-gradation at any stage.

Accelerated Growth for Every Banking Segment


For Banks, our commitment is embedded in our ideology of promoting a singular aim to enhance the ability to lend—counseled credit, adequate credit, and timely credit. We have designed and developed patented systems that convert data into usable knowledge in areas of Credit Risk Rating and Mitigation, Early Warning systems, Audit and MIS, Agri-lending, Corporate/ Retail/SME lending, and Regulatory requirements.

CRisMac Suite for Future-ready Finance Software

D2k Technologies’ CRisMac suite for Automation and Business Intelligence includes a new generation of predictability and credit risk solutions. Along with new-age automation, our suite of solutions equips businesses with software like big data analytics, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and web crawling with present-day capabilities to keep clients’ software architecture future-ready.


Along with automation for major systems, our solutions enable dynamic risk models that factor for relevant risk weights on concentration viz. geographies, sectors, activities and indicate the risk premium and economic capital at the loan origination stage itself. It also sources and cleanses data, and identifies attributes for actionable knowledge outputs.

D2K Technologies - Our Journey

Simplicity in Automation Design

Company Overview


Accelerating Banking Automation for IRAC Implementation

CRisMac Asset Classification Module for pioneering automation in India.



Breakthrough in transforming Banking environments for BASEL Implementation

CRisMac BASEL focused on avoiding risks to Banks and Financial systems at many levels.


Exploring Predictability and Future-tech in AI and ML

Advance approaches of BASEL for effective regulatory compliance and corporate transparency.



Optimizing Automated Data Flow with 100% Success

Management Information Systems with ADF capabilities for end-to-end RBI reporting automation.


Increasing Predictability Capabilities with EWS Ideation and Implementation

Creation of dependable Early Warning Systems for multinational Indian Banks.



Exploring New Automation for Unchartered Territories

End-to-end automation solutions for new-age asset classification of multinational Banks.

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