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Multiple Uses for Cloud Technology – Stay Ahead of Major Compliance, Technology Updates

The need of the hour for Financial Institutions is to avail quick updates for newest compliance regulations and to upgrade systems for advanced analytics.

The solution – Cloud Technology, which is powerful and expansive as a present-day as well as future-ready solution for Digital Finance and Banking.

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Methodical Approach to Cloud Implementation for Future-ready Digital Frameworks

Migrate financial information systems to a cloud computing environment for – cost efficiency, quick upgradation, and compatibility with transformational business intelligence. We upgrade programs with cloud accessibility through tried and tested cloud hosting experience of 5+ years in the BFSI sector.

Banks and Financial Institutions We Upgrade

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Public Sector Banks

Private Sector Banks

Cooperative Banks

Rural Banking

Development Banking

Retail Banking

Corporate Banking

Deposit Taking

Non Deposit taking​

Wealth Management

Mortgage and Lending​

Open Banking


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Current System Evaluation.png

Current System

Evaluate current systems and explore migration strategies to flawlessly shift from current hardware systems.

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Cloud Migration Strategy

Explore re-hosting, re-platforming, and re-architecting for current business systems.

Cloud Migration Strategy.png

Cloud Migration/Implementation

Shift systems to the cloud and configure data centers and networks to boost ease of accessibility.


Undertake the Journey Today, Stay Ahead of the Tech. Curve

We at D2K Technologies help you repeat the success you’ve had in on-premise deployments, and deliver the same practices for your cloud migration – at affordable costs. Apart from boosting ROIs, cloud migrations ready you for a new-age data processing and analytics.

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We Identify business opportunities and assist with operational planning, to simplify migration of business processes.

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Get an analysis of system readiness, service readiness, and impact analysis for new technologies and infrastructure.


With a team of 130+ experts having years of experience in migrating data to the cloud, we have helped deliver enterprise migrations to global brands across multiple industries

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Application Migration

System Integration.png

System Integration

Data Subscription.png

Data Subscription

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FinTech Consultancy

Support and Training.png

Support and Training

Solution Architecture.png

Solution Architecture

Cloud Implementation.png

Cloud Implementation

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D2K Technologies Products


Maneuver through Dynamic Market Conditions of Loan Processing and Innovate with End-to-end Lending Automation

Credit Monitoring.png

Monitor, Analyze and Plot the Best Course of Action for Customers, with Future-compliance Ready Systems

Recovery and Settlements.png

Automate Tracking and Predict Defaults with Analytics-enabled Collections for Faster, Maximized Returns

Asset Management.png

Document and Map Investment Management Operations and Automate Data Movement without System Overhauls

Balance Sheet.png

Capture Data from Multiple Systems for Reliable Status Reporting and Accelerate Reconciliation Processes

Regulatory Compliance.png

Automate Regulatory Reporting, Monitor, and Apply Critical Compliance Policies by Integrating Data Systems

Reporting and Analytics.png

Re-engineer Reporting Automation with AI/ML-Powered Descriptive Analytics; Unify Data Reports for Different End-users


Improve Efficiency of Internal Audit Processes with Solutions Trusted by Government and Financial Institutions


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