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Definieren Sie Banking-Funktionen neu mit End-to-End-Software, die auf New-Age-Erkenntnissen basiert

Finanzgeschäft | Covid19-Antwort

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In einer Welt im Wandel – Digitale Innovation ist nur ein primärer Blickfang

2020 stand ganz im Zeichen - sicher arbeiten, was jetzt ist - smart arbeiten

Unternehmen haben ihren Arbeitsstil schnell neu erfunden, um die Pandemie zu bekämpfen, und planen, aktualisierte Systeme aufrechtzuerhalten. Ob kleine oder große, zukünftige Störungen sind unvermeidlich; und die Neuinterpretation von Prozessen verspricht Langlebigkeit.

Sind Sie für die Zukunft gerüstet? Wir glauben, dass die Familie immer an erster Stelle steht. Eine einfachere Verwaltung und ein höherer ROI können das Ergebnis der digitalen Transformation sein, aber der Lebensunterhalt kommt von der Wertschätzung Ihrer Teams.

Unsere digitalen Services richten sich an Teams jeder Größe, für jeden Prozess - mit einer menschenorientierten Ausrichtung.

Founded in 2001, under the leadership of current CEO Sudhakar V K; D2K Technologies has been developing Risk mitigating banking solutions on contemporary technology platforms. It sources and cleanses data, identifies attributes, builds models to eventually deliver actionable knowledge output. The CRisMac suite of solutions helps clients in extracting data lying in silos and validates for its presentation in a coherent manner by satisfying business requirements. It enables Banks and FIs in meeting regulatory compliance, RWA computation and Risk Capital charge computation. Management Information Systems (MIS) through CRisMac suite of products With over 21 years of experience in financial risk management, D2K’s CRisMac suite of products have been enabling clients to deal with data-related challenges like extraction from multiple data sources, data granularity, data cleansing, data inconsistency, data gaps, data validation, data processing for meaningful insights and auditable back-testing results. Future-Ready Risk Solutions for Banks and NBFCs Our risk mitigation models identify default attributes of the credit exposures and predict the Probability of Default (PD) with more than 80 percent exposures being correctly classified in back-testing exercises. The D2D models provide a scientific and auditable basis for addressing the challenges of Dynamic Provisioning (DP) for credit portfolio based on exposure-wise PD on 8-sigma. Our approach provides a basis for specific provisioning for standard, performing exposures and thereby optimize the regulatory and supervisory Risk Capital required to be maintained by the bank. In this manner cyclical downturns in the economy can be effectively addressed by the banks and FIs.

Why D2K Solutions?

Finanzgeschäft | Covid19-Antwort

In einer Welt im Wandel – Digitale Innovation ist nur ein primärer Blickfang

Decreased IT Costs.png

Decrease IT Costs

Increase efficiency using current core systems by leveraging unified data systems.

Scale Infrastructure.png

Scale Infrastructure

Employ DevOps tools to support new automation and datasets in niche banking areas.

Accelerate Deployment Cycles.png

Accelerate Deployment

Increase the quality of data system upgrades using agile methodologies for improvements.

Data And Customer-Centric Solutions.png

Increase Data-centricity

Enhance core systems to run advanced analytics for well-rounded, sharper decision making.


Banks and Financial Institutions We Upgrade



Public Sector Banks

Private Sector Banks

Cooperative Banks

Rural Banking

Development Banking

Retail Banking

Corporate Banking


Deposit Taking

Non Deposit taking​

Wealth Management

Mortgage and Lending​

Open Banking




Trusted, Next-generation Niche Digital Finance and Banking Solutions

20+ Years of Upgrading BFSI and NBFC Software across India

D2K Technologies Products

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Loan Processing

Innovate in Dynamic Loan Markets with End-to-end Lending Automation 

Credit Monitoring.png

Credit Monitoring

Build Compliance-first Credit Monitoring Systems for Big Data Analytics 

Recovery and Settlements.png

Recovery and Settlements

Amplify Borrower Tracking and Prevent Defaults with Predictive Insights 

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Asset Management

Restructure Asset Management Reporting without Software Overhauls 

Balance Sheet.png

Balance Sheet

Increase Data Integrity for Reconciliation with Comprehensive Overviews 

Regulatory Compliance.png

Regulatory Reporting

Build Research and Automation Applications for Time-Critical Reports 

Reporting and Analytics.png

AI/ML Reporting and Analytics

Transform Reporting Automation with AI/ML-Powered Data Analytics 

Balance Sheet.png

Audit and Research

Improve Efficiency of Audits with Secure Solutions Built to Improve Data Visibility 

Fintech Consultancy.jpg

FinTech Consultancy

We strategize hassle-free system upgradation to integrate Intelligent Automation and present-day Business Intelligence systems.

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System Integration

Create linkages between applications, databases, and APIs to improve system architecture and business workflows.

Our Services

Our services inform, upgrade, and deliver value for real-time business overviews.

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