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Capture Data from Multiple Systems for Reliable Status Reporting and Accelerate Reconciliation Processes


Our cloud-based solution manages insights for finance and accounting stakeholders with immediate visibility towards certification issues, tasks and workflows that need escalation or remediation.


The transparency of the automated balance sheet reconciliation process assures balance sheets are reviewed and accurate. Transform tasks that take several hours and save significantly with an additional level of auto-certification. Moreover, deep integration with ERPs and Core Systems enable comprehensive automation.

How Does CRisMac Balance Sheet Software Help You Simplify Reconciliation Management?


Auto-certification Features

Detect missing, duplicated, or untimely transactions and monitor an organization’s transactions.

Comprehensive SaaS Automation

Automation platform built on a single codebase and delivered securely via the cloud.


Tracking for Various Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with applicable laws and regulations along with an organization’s financial reporting.

Simplified and Streamlined Process

Benefit from effectiveness and efficiency of operations with dedicated procedures and instructions for reconciliation.


CRisMac Balance Sheet Products

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CRisMac Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet Management

The Balance sheet module is a compact tool that is equipped to draw all outstanding balances from Real, Personal and Nominal accounts residing in a Bank’s CBS and assign them to the Balance Sheet heads to form a Bank’s Balance Sheet as prescribed in the BRA (Banking Regulations Act).

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IFRS Norms Reporting

Our system helps with the automation of data collection for IFRS reports for India. As Ind AS 109 is not specific in terms of the approach to be followed when measuring expected credit losses, our systems offer automation with future readiness. We consider RBI’s expectations for Banks to adopt sound expected credit loss methodologies and craft systems according to size, complexity, and the risk profile specific to individual Banks.


CRisMac IGAAP Reporting

IGAAP Norms Reporting

Enterprise Finance teams require AI-based intelligent reporting to avoid the stressful cycle of working on complex reports. Our solution approaches periodic financial reporting to cover the essentials such as Income Statements, Balance sheet, Statements of Change in Equity, Statements of Cash Flow, Statement of Financial Position, and Noted Financial Statements.

Our Services

Our services inform, upgrade, and deliver value for real-time business overviews.

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Solution Architecture

Align system upgradation roadmaps with business expansion strategies and enable future readiness for operations. 


Support and Training

Adopt scalable, secure solutions with comprehensive training modules and 24/7 technical support. 


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