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Automate Tracking and Predict Defaults with Analytics-enabled Collections for Faster, Maximized Returns


Our Software gages borrower persona and offers a number of collection strategies. Where Banks, NBFCs, HFCs and other financial services companies use multiple digital applications for collections — our software unifies every process.


Our Software manages debt-recovery time and effective utilization of resources. It updates constantly changing regulations that favor debtors and address duplicate, inaccurate, and incomplete data.

How does Recovery Automation change your Business 

Outlook on debt-collection?

Consolidated Borrower Information.png

Consolidated Borrower Information

Keep track of the borrower lifecycle and access borrower information from several data sources.

Maintain Accurate Information.png

Maintain Accurate Information

Import existing and older cases from any software and avoid the repercussions of targeting errors.

Borrower Segmentation.png

Borrower segmentation

Create informed strategy with insights like Days Past Due, credit repayment history, and repayment intent.

Workflow Automation.png

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation maps and distributes cases based on the availability of collectors, agents, and location.

Prioritize Important Cases.png

Prioritize Important Cases

Limit case allocation and ensure collection agents work on high-priority debtors first.

Activity Tracking.png

Activity Tracking

Follow up when debtors interact with your message, with our software capturing real-time details.

API Unification.png

API Unification

Integration with CRMs, loan management systems, and other in-house application is easy.

CRisMac Recovery and Settlements Products

CRisMac CMA.jpg


Credit Monitoring App

CRisMac Credit Monitoring App is a cross-platform mobile app that enables real-time monitoring of stressed loan accounts by field functionaries of Banks. Data of loan accounts of individual customers is made available to Bank officers in real-time.



One Time Settlement

Our One Time Settlement (OTS) System calculations effectively helps manage all Non-Performing Assets (NPA) including written off debts (partial / full) on settlement of all claims (if any) or as an internal arrangement.


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