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Our Compliance-ready, Data to Knowledge Approach

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D2K Technologies’ CRisMac: Making Sense of the Banking Data Maze

– Source CIO Review

In the financial sector, banks and institutions are exposed to various market dynamics and interrelated consequences under the stringent regulatory regime. The appetite for Management Information Systems (MIS) has gone up with increasing regulatory requirements and risk-oriented operations. The necessity to adopt and implement granular business data from the operational banking area for appropriate policy intervention is indispensable for economic enhancement.

Why D2K Solutions?

Astronomical Amounts of Data is Generated Every Day, Transform Systems for Insights in Real-time

Why adhere to limitations of core banking systems? Upgrade value chain analytics, improve system integration, and create a sustainable, future-ready Digital Finance and Banking ecosystem

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Decrease IT Costs

Increase efficiency using current core systems by leveraging unified data-systems.

Accelerate Deployment

Increase levels of standardization through automated testing and frequent deployment.

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Scale Infrastructure

Employ DevOps tools to support new automation and datasets in niche banking areas.

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Increase Data-centricity

Enhance core systems to run advanced analytics for well-rounded, sharper decision making.

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Banks and Financial Institutions We Upgrade


Public Sector Banks

Private Sector Banks

Cooperative Banks

Rural Banking

Development Banking

Retail Banking

Corporate Banking



Deposit Taking

Non Deposit taking​

Wealth Management

Mortgage and Lending​

Open Banking




Trusted, Next-generation Niche Digital Finance and Banking Solutions

20+ Years of Upgrading BFSI and NBFC Software across India

CRisMac Suite of Products


Maneuver through Dynamic Market Conditions of Loan Processing and Innovate with End-to-end Lending Automation

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Monitor, Analyze and Plot the Best Course of Action for Customers, with Future-compliance Ready Systems

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Automate Tracking and Predict Defaults with Analytics-enabled Collections for Faster, Maximized Returns

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Document and Map Investment Management Operations and Automate Data Movement without System Overhauls

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Capture Data from Multiple Systems for Reliable Status Reporting and Accelerate Reconciliation Processes

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Automate Regulatory Reporting, Monitor, and Apply Critical Compliance Policies by Integrating Data Systems

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Predictive Analytics Reinvents Customer Experience Models and Reporting Automation for Customer Retention and Business Growth


Improve Efficiency of Internal Audit Processes with Solutions Trusted by Government and Financial Institutions

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FinTech Consultancy

We strategize hassle-free system upgradation to integrate Intelligent Automation and present-day Business Intelligence systems.

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System Integration

Create linkages between applications, databases, and APIs to improve system architecture and business workflows.

Our Services

Our services inform, upgrade, and deliver value for real-time business overviews.

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