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Ideation and Implementation

Optimize tech. for new compliance, value co-creation, and next-gen capacities

D2K Technologies Services and Support

Accelerate Upgrades and Transformation

Our software solutions are built with insightful expertise on current scenarios, with an added understanding that evolution comes fairly soon.

We are trusted for dependable products backed by pro-active support services. We approach system modernization as field days for innovating with technology, processes, and support frameworks.

  • We strategize integration of system architecture to accelerate digitization processes

  • We focus on a team-first outlook and conduct training for upskilling and reskilling

  • We strategize system implementation roadmaps to deal with domain specific challenges

  • We solidify our solutions with software built for adaptations of future-technology


CRisMac Ideology for Banking and Finance

CRisMac Suite of products enhance Business Intelligence by helping enterprises manage large volume of business critical data.


Our 130+ Team of Finance and Tech. Professionals

We are a family of curious, spirited FinTech professionals focused on streamlining data processes for advanced analytics.


Research Oriented After-implementation Services

Our strategies are backed by insightful scrutiny into market volatilities, business opportunities, and disruptive possibilities.

Regulatory Compliance.png

Regulatory Compliant Upgradation Roadmaps

D2K Technologies’ ethos comes from the calculative, stringent professionalism of servicing the Indian Banking and Finance sector for 20+ years.

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