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Support and Training

Technology Architecture Services for Team and Customer Experience

With our global network and industry-leading product integration and tech. support, we take care of the details — while you focus on bettering financial services for a new world.

With our support and training, you can offer customers a better experience across a range of channels, improve competitive positioning, and upgrade systems seamlessly.

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Get Technical Support

Get quick technical support for any difficulty that your teams could be facing, whether remote or on-site.

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Project Support Packages

Stay informed with D2K Tech. support packages for shareable insights on technological advancements in varied business fields.

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Training and Affiliation

Get on board with our FinTech Team which pioneered automation for Indian Banking and Finance, with a future-first outlook.


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Ensure your teams and clients have a positive experience. Our models are built for intuitive interaction with user systems and predictability of customer’s needs and requirements.

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Ongoing Monitoring

We proactively monitor systems and prevent problems to avoid downtime. Our technicians are available at their dashboards 24/7 to make sure our networks stay healthy.

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Remote and On-site Service

Book check-ups by primary technicians for regular site visits and establish relationships with your teams.

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Issue Reporting

Our tools allow us to provide accurate and timely reports on trends, asset management or security at any time.

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Quality Assurance

Our support and training build workflows for an enterprise-class experience. Our scalable, secure solutions are enabled with global standards of services customized to your specific business needs.


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Application Migration

System Integration.png

System Integration

Data Subscription.png

Data Subscription

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FinTech Consultancy

Support and Training.png

Support and Training

Solution Architecture.png

Solution Architecture

Cloud Implementation.png

Cloud Implementation

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D2K Techhnologies Products


Maneuver through Dynamic Market Conditions of Loan Processing and Innovate with End-to-end Lending Automation

Credit Monitoring.png

Monitor, Analyze and Plot the Best Course of Action for Customers, with Future-compliance Ready Systems

Recovery and Settlements.png

Automate Tracking and Predict Defaults with Analytics-enabled Collections for Faster, Maximized Returns

Asset Management.png

Document and Map Investment Management Operations and Automate Data Movement without System Overhauls

Balance Sheet.png

Capture Data from Multiple Systems for Reliable Status Reporting and Accelerate Reconciliation Processes

Regulatory Compliance.png

Automate Regulatory Reporting, Monitor, and Apply Critical Compliance Policies by Integrating Data Systems

Reporting and Analytics.png

Re-engineer Reporting Automation with AI/ML-Powered Descriptive Analytics; Unify Data Reports for Different End-users


Improve Efficiency of Internal Audit Processes with Solutions Trusted by Government and Financial Institutions


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