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Get Instant Notifications of Changing Laws, Regulations, and Standards; Monitor, Organize and Automate Critical Compliance Policies

Regulatory Compliance

Constant changes in regulations and trends make financial companies prone to breaches. Our regulatory compliance software optimizes risk management, security, regulatory compliance, and innovation to make the best of new additions to rules and regulations.


AI-driven regulatory compliance tools and fraud detection software offers a top-notch cyber-security to identify and resolve issues with resiliency.

How Does Regulatory Compliance Software Help You Deal with consequences of non-compliance?

Multi-directional Business Communication

Send reports with different specifications to internal and external governing bodies.

Flexible Tools

Tools to help teams think, reason, and collaborate effectively and make sound decisions.

Easy Traceability

Information – both textual and visual – ties valid regulations to business requirements.

Automation of Communication

Automate core business processes and document management activities to avoid manual interventions.

CRisMac Regulatory Compliance Products

CRisMac EWS.png


Early Warning Systems

A set of automated processes for identifying risk at a nascent stage in the bank's loan portfolio, using measurable indicators. The rule based Early Warning System identifies borrowers at risk of distress or default and suggest preventive measures in time.


CRisMac IRAC Norms

IRAC Norms and Asset Classification

Our module runs risk computations based on external credit ratings and RBI’s defined risk weight factors after taking consideration of CRM (Credit Risk Mitigation) securities. Improvements for the method of IRB (Internal Risk Based) system is included for future adaptation of new modules.



Risk Weight Calculation

Basel III is an international regulatory accord that introduced a set of reforms designed to improve the regulation, supervision and risk management within the banking sector. As per the Central Bank (RBI), BASEL II & BASEL III Standards must be implemented by Financial Institutions immediately.

CRisMac ADF.png


Automated Data Services

Our software automates reporting with future-ready systems for RBI’s outline for a framework of putting in place a Central Data Repository (CDR). Our system helps with the requirement of various layers of – data acquisition, data integration and storages, data conversion and validation and data submission.

CRisMac INDAS Presentation.png


IFRS Norms Reporting

Our system helps with automation of data collection for IFRS reports for India. As Ind AS 109 is not specific in terms of the approach to be followed when measuring expected credit losses, our systems offer automation with future-readiness. We consider RBI’s expectations for Banks to adopt sound expected credit loss methodologies and craft systems according to size, complexity, and the risk profile specific to individual Banks.

CRisMac RBS.png


Risk Based Supervision

Risk-Based Supervision (RBS) is gradually becoming the dominant approach to regulatory supervision of Financial Institutions around the world. It is a comprehensive, formally structured system that assesses risks within the Financial system, giving priority to the resolution of those risks.

Our Services

Our services inform, upgrade, and deliver value for real-time business overviews.


Solution Architecture

Align system upgradation roadmaps with business expansion strategies and enable future readiness for operations. 


Support and Training

Adopt scalable, secure solutions with comprehensive training modules and 24/7 technical support. 



Know more about our ‘Data to Knowledge’ approach for intuitive, customizable solutions and present-day digital transformation journeys

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