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Products and Bespoke Solutions for Credit Risk, Stressed Assets, Litigation Management and Risk Weight Computation


Effective monitoring of loan portfolios lowers loan-loss contingency. Institutions with sound credit-monitoring practices maintain a strong risk appetite, a higher return on equity, and a better capital yield.


The warning signs of problem assets monitored by EWS can be grouped into five areas: transactional, financial, non-financial, external and statistical indicators. Apart from monitoring, preventive measures are suggested to mitigate risks and reduce the number of reduce the number of non-performing assets.

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The system uses advanced web crawlers to collate data from over 2500 sources, analyze transaction behavior, track backward and forward linked sectors or segments to discern stress, and use advanced statistical modeling techniques to generate a readable EWS or Credit Risk Score.

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Easily facilitate Customer Analysis, Industry insights and identify over 175 plus risk triggers. The system assimilates dynamic data in conjunction with institutional memory flowing through the organization and sets a benchmark score for comparison with its corresponding peers.

Key Differentiators

Transformative Capabilities of Early Warning System

  • The automated rule and behaviour based EWS identifies the traces of potential stress/default long before the occurrence of actual default, enabling the bank to initiate timely remedial measures.


  • EWS facilitates the bank in strengthening health of the bank’s credit portfolio, thereby enhancing its profitability.


  • EWS uses Transactional, Financial Non-Financial, External and Statistical Parameters along with more than 120 variables (macro and micro economic indicators).


  • Product has received overwhelming response with multiple banks.

CRisMac Range of Credit Monitoring Solutions

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