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Base FinTech Integrations on Dependable Strategic Roadmaps

Our Consultancy Helps Enhance

Regulatory Compliance.png

Regulatory Reporting Automation

Cost Effectiveness.png

Cost Effectiveness

Cloud-ready Systems.png

Cloud Ready Systems

Business Intelligence and Analytics.png

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Digital Transformation.png

Digital Transformation

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Support and Training


Digital Transformation

Avail in-depth consulting, coaching, and hands-on business process support.


Use strategic visualization and develop systems for –


  • Comprehensive workload assessment for data migration

  • UAT preparation for specific business processes

  • Simulation of digital capabilities for a better

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Our designers and financial consultants study workflows to create business cases for every initiative.


Our team also helps you develop a design roadmap and deploy an initial MVP to gage stakeholders' reactions.


Once the right systems are in place, companies can generate native insights for business decisions and strategic maneuvers.

Cloud Ready Systems

Increase the scope for hassle-free system upgradations.


Shifting to a cloud based infrastructure helps future-upgradations to be less intrusive.

Cost Effectiveness

Adopt contemporary solutions that avoid archaic procedures.


Our system upgradations are well planned implementation roadmaps, with a high emphasis on identification of counter-productive infrastructure maintenance.

Support and Training

Understand current and future applications of newest autonomous and analytics systems with intensive online or customized training modules.


Develop your team’s outlook to explore opportunities in the fast-changing Financial landscape.

Intelligent automation (IA) transforms processes at a large scale using artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA), yet these are just initiators for next-gen capacities.


Apart from autonomous systems, a birds-eye view of business functioning reveals that FinTechs require Advanced Analytics, Risk Predictability, and Intuitive Systems to thrive in ongoing scenarios.


Passionate about the constant challenges new technologies helps us overcome, we create hassle-free adoption roadmaps for the right Fintech architecture and add-ons.

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Evaluate Your Systems

Contact our team of Banking and tech. specialists to run a full system diagnosis for no cost. Get a full analysis for intelligent automation and business intelligence capacities, and discuss timelines.


Regulatory Reporting Automation

RBI has mandated Automation of report submission for 245+ reports. Our systems allow you to update Business Intelligence capacities while you automate reporting. Free your teams for people based decisions, rather than having to execute repetitive, unproductive tasks.


Evaluate Existing Systems

Contact our team of FinTech specialists to run a full system diagnosis for no costs. Get a full analysis for intelligent automation and business intelligence capacities, and discuss timelines.

Optimization Timelines

Our products have tried-and-tested deployment modules employed by major companies in varied BFSI segments. For customization, a transformational overhaul for most processes is systematically mapped out before implementation.

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Application Migration

SaaS Services.png

SaaS Services

System Integration.png

System Integration

Data Subscription.png

FinTech Consultancy

Support and Training.png

Support and Training

Solution Architecture.png

Solution Architecture

Cloud Implementation.png

Cloud Implementation

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D2K Technologies Products


Maneuver through Dynamic Market Conditions of Loan Processing and Innovate with End-to-end Lending Automation

Credit Monitoring.png

Monitor, Analyze and Plot the Best Course of Action for Customers, with Future-compliance Ready Systems

Recovery and Settlements.png

Automate Tracking and Predict Defaults with Analytics-enabled Collections for Faster, Maximized Returns

Asset Management.png

Document and Map Investment Management Operations and Automate Data Movement without System Overhauls

Balance Sheet.png

Capture Data from Multiple Systems for Reliable Status Reporting and Accelerate Reconciliation Processes

Regulatory Compliance.png

Automate Regulatory Reporting, Monitor, and Apply Critical Compliance Policies by Integrating Data Systems

Reporting and Analytics.png

Re-engineer Reporting Automation with AI/ML-Powered Descriptive Analytics; Unify Data Reports for Different End-users

Balance Sheet.png

Improve Efficiency of Internal Audit Processes with Solutions Trusted by Government and Financial Institutions


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