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CRisMac Centralization

Data Integration System

CRisMac Data Integration System

CRisMAC Centralisation, a proprietary product of D2K technologies, is built to integrate with several modular banking solutions for NPA Management and Asset Classification Data. Some of the primary use cases of CRisMAC Centralised banking solution are data collation, validation, and data integration for report generation from multiple sources in a CBS-based environment.

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CRiMac Centralisation is a centralised NPA Management and Asset Classification Module offering seamless data flow from Core Banking Systems (CBS) and other surround systems to improve data synchronization using easily accessible data points.

Features of CRisMac Centralisation

In a CBS-based banking ecosystem, the CRisMac Centralisation solution enables seamless data flow from CBS & other surround systems for synchronization of output for major banking functions, reports, and analytics covering CIBIL Consumer and CIBIL Commercial, IRAC Asset Classification, BASEL II/III, and others. For automation of comprehensive regulatory reporting, the system facilitates Automatic Provision Calculation as per regulatory norms, Computation of Risk-Weighted Assets (RWA), generation of RWA master summaries, and BASEL XBRL file for RBI submission. 

A CIBIL module is also enabled for the generation of validated data for submission to CIBIL. Our solution offers a direct interface with front-end transaction systems, for access to real-time Data at various levels, sparing field functionaries from manual efforts for information. Moreover, the solution is envisaged to enable incorporating and tracking MOC changes during audit cycles.

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Key Differentiators of CRisMac Centralisation

Our deployment using centralised data extraction through Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tools, minimizes manual intervention and increases Straight Through Processing (STP) to ensure robust credit monitoring / automatic flagging of NPAs, and subsequent marking. Apart from enabling data synchronization, the solution increases the scope for adoption of unique data from multiple current and future transaction systems. 

The solution also increases ease-of-adoption for stand-alone sub-systems which can draw upon a common Data Bases (DB) developed to integrate with our solution. The centralised data is made available as a data mart / repository for the bank and is hosted in secure data center environments, that disables manual intervention and facilitates automated reporting as prescribed by RBI for Automated Data Flow (ADF) requirements.

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CRisMac Range of Credit Monitoring Solutions

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