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Our Products

<p class="font_8">CRisMac ADF automates reporting with future-ready systems for RBI’s outline for a framework of putting in place a Central Data Repository (CDR). Our system helps with the requirement of various layers of – data acquisition, data integration and storages, data conversion and validation and data submission.</p>


Integrated Regulatory Reporting

<p class="font_8">Basel III is an international regulatory accord that introduced a set of reforms designed to improve the regulation, supervision and risk management within the Banking sector. As per the Central Bank (RBI), BASEL II &amp; BASEL III Risk Weight Calculation is recognized as a mandatory addition for to Banking Quantification software.</p>
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Risk Weight Calculation

<p class="font_8">CRisMac Balance sheet is a compact tool that is equipped to draw all outstanding balances from Real, Personal and Nominal accounts residing in a Bank's CBS and assign them to the Balance Sheet heads to form a Bank's Balance Sheet as prescribed in the BRA (Banking Regulations Act).</p>

CRisMac Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet Automation

<p class="font_8">CRisMac Credit Monitoring App is a cross platform mobile app that enables real time monitoring of stressed loan accounts by field functionaries of Banks. Data of loan accounts of individual customers is made available to Bank officers in real time.</p>


Credit Monitoring System

<p class="font_8">CRisMAC Centralisation, a proprietary product of D2K technologies, is built to integrate with several modular banking solutions for NPA Management and Asset Classification Data. Some of the primary use cases of CRisMAC Centralised banking solution are data collation, validation, and data integration for report generation from multiple sources in a CBS-based environment.</p>

CRisMac Centralization

Data Integration System

<p class="font_8">CRisMac Distance to Default (D2D) analyses essential credit risks in the Finance world. Our software provides an estimate of the likelihood that a borrower will be unable to meet its debt obligations. CRisMac D2D is equipped to compute PD, LGD, EAD &amp; K (Capital Charge) by using Statistical Models &amp; AI techniques.</p>
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CRisMac D2D

Loan Default Predictive Analytics

<p class="font_8">CRisMac Fixed Asset Management System consolidates, tags and maintains a record of all Fixed Assets. Automation helps reduce expenses by helping with the compilation and sharing of numerous records and automation for Asset Managers to make the most of their time.</p>

CRisMac Fixed Assets Management

Fixed Assets Management System

<p class="font_8">CRisMac Integrated Legal Management System effectively allows stakeholders to collaborate and control the components of recovery efforts objectively culminating in better recovery.</p>


Litigation Monitoring System

<p class="font_8">CRisMac IRAC Norms runs risk computations based on external credit ratings and RBI’s defined risk weight factors after taking into consideration CRM (Credit Risk Mitigation) securities. Improvements for the method of IRB (Internal Risk Based) system is included for future adaptation of new modules.</p>
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CRisMac IRAC Norms

IRAC Norms Asset Classification

<p class="font_8">CRisMac INDAS Presentation automates data collection for IFRS reports for Indian Regulatory Compliance. As Ind AS 109 is not specific in terms of the approach to be followed when measuring expected credit losses, our systems offer automation with future-readiness.</p>
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<p class="font_8">We consider RBI’s expectations for Banks to adopt sound expected credit loss methodologies and craft systems according to size, complexity, and the risk profile specific to individual Banks.</p>

CRisMac Ind AS

IFRS Norms Report Automation

<p class="font_8">Automate transactional and operational MIS reports used for day-to-day or periodical decision-making. Automated analysis initiates corrective actions for business processes to be optimised.</p>
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<p class="font_8">CRisMac Management Information System (MIS) software extensively automates all aspects of reporting to the Bank management as well as to the RBI. CRisMac MIS reporting provides controlling authorities with multiple viewpoints to enable them to make decisions with a holistic outlook.</p>


Management Information System

<p class="font_8">CRisMac OA/OL Aging and Provisioning works towards Automation of Income Recognition, Asset Classification and Provisioning processes in Banks. Prudential Write Off, OA/OL Aging, OA/OL Provisioning &amp; Standard Provisioning is required in cases of write-off and Banks need to maintain a strict record. Our software tracks documentation and follows the process of write off for the required approvals at the right time.</p>

CRisMac OA/OL Aging and Provisioning

Asset Management Analytics

<p class="font_8">CRisMac One Time Settlement (OTS) System calculations effectively helps manage all Non-Performing Assets (NPA) including written off debts (partial / full) on settlement of all claims (if any) or as an internal arrangement.</p>


Recovery Analytics System

<p class="font_8">CRisMac Risk-Based Supervision (RBS) is gradually becoming the dominant approach to regulatory supervision of Financial Institutions around the world. It is a comprehensive, formally structured system that assesses risks within the Financial system, giving priority to the resolution of those risks.</p>


Comprehensive Risk Reporting

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