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Business Analyst

Experience: 1 to 5 years

Curious about the Heights FinTech can reach? We are Looking for You!

Skills we’re looking for?

• Proficiency with drafting business documents and functional design documents

• Verbal and written communication

• Interpersonal and consultative skills

• Open-minded, creative and proactive thinking

• Analytical thinking and problem solving

• Being detail-oriented and delivering a high level of accuracy

• Understanding of networks, databases, and other technology

• Understanding of customer experience to improve business processes

• Strong knowledge of SQL, VBA, Macros, Python, Selenium, scripts

• Minimum of 1 year in intermediate to advanced automation

• Experience in the Fintech/Banking/Credit/Payment industry is a strong plus

Any reference will be highly appreciated

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At D2K Technologies we continue to push the boundary of what technology can help accomplish in Banking and Finance.


We invite you to join our team of passionate individuals with experience to address Banking clients’ complex business problems and regulatory challenges for new financial technologies, and help develop and deliver products that drive value.

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