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D2K Technologies - Pioneers in Banking Software Solutions

Enhance FinTech Capabilities with
D2K Technologies Solutions

CRisMac Suite 360° Banking Analytics & Digital Solutions

Our 20+ years in enriching banking with cutting-edge technologies stems from deep-rooted expertise in the banking domain. Our solutions enable top Banks, NBFCs, and FinTechs to create agile digital systems for regulatory compliance and comprehensive insights.

D2K Technologies is trusted by six out of ten top Banks for regulatory reporting, lending, and analytics solutions, powered by system integrations that leverage new-age data. In Niche BFSI domains, our Banking-first outlook assists with roadmaps from previous time-sensitive upgrades.

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Our Company

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Reimagine the Digital Sphere of Banking, Finance & Business

We Build Innovative, Knowledge-Driven Solutions to Power Pathfinders

D2K Technologies is a software company facilitating digital transformations for top Banks and NBFCs. Our technical teams create products and services based on guidelines from professionals with deep-rooted banking domain expertise. We help clients meet regulatory compliances, enhance business process development, improve customer retention and acquisition, and build deep analytical platforms to assist with insight-driven growth.

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Banking & NBFCs

Reimagine automation, data analytics, and business intelligence and simplify the adoption of future innovations and new technology.

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Technology Services

Realign operations with digital transformation to improve attention to detail, customer-centricity, and service innovations.

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CRisMac Solutions – Trusted for over 20 Years

Adopt solutions built based on long-term research in banking technology and analytics-infused banking domains.

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Highly-Scalable FinTech System Integrations

Integrate and scale major data-generating systems with technology roadmaps optimized to achieve business goals.

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Transform Banking with Enterprise-grade Systems

Discuss systems implementation and up-gradation with banking and finance professionals to enable strategic digitalization.

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Deploy AI/ML-powered Automation and Analytics

Integrate AI/ML models with legacy systems to hyper-automate regulatory reporting and improve value-adding insights.

Is Software Upgradation Slowing You Down?
SaaS Accelerates Transformation

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Today, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) can equip businesses with leading-edge capabilities for Data Science, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial and Cognitive Intelligence without needing to revamp internal hardware for any existing process.

Cloud storage enabled, subscription-ready systems increase workflow flexibility to move from silos to integrated systems and help businesses scale more efficiently without hassles of disruptions to current processes.


Why Innovate with D2K Technologies?

Cutting-edge Technologies for Dynamic Financial Ecosystems

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New-age Digital Capabilities

Increase automation for advanced data sourcing and analytics to accommodate ever-changing customer behavior.

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Optimal Cost-Effectiveness

Transform financial legacy systems with tried-and-tested, cost-optimized integration and deployment models.

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Seamless System Integration 

Avail customization for well-defined, out-of-the-box products which integrate with all major core banking systems.

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AI/ML-Powered Predictive Analytics 

Adopt artificial intelligence (AI) based platforms to predict fraud and simulate the impact of financial decisions in real-time.

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New-age Deployment Methods

Accelerate R & D processes with best-in-class automation and analytics deployed through Cloud, SaaS, and PaaS deployment options.

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Future-Ready Big Data Solutions

Enhance systems to accommodate Environmental, Governmental, and Social (ESG) data sources for big data-ready strategies.


Years in IT for Banking & Finance


Off-The-Shelf Products for Banking 


Product Licenses for Innovated Processes

CRisMac Suite 
Trusted, Future-Ready BFSI Solutions

System Integrations for an Advanced Banking and Finance Standpoint

D2k Technologies’ CRisMac Solutions for Banking Analytics and Digital Finance delves into future challenges with solutions for advanced analytics, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning models, and predictive and descriptive analytics.

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CRisMac Early Warning System | Averting Loan Defaults with Predictive Analytics

Deploy a comprehensive risk engine that leverages predictive analytics. The system uses regulatory compliance-permitted, advanced web crawling to collate data from over 2500+ sources, analyzes transaction behavior, and tracks backward and forward linked sectors and segments to discern stress. It also facilitates customer analysis, collates industry insights, and identifies 

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CRisMac Krishak | Transforming Rural Credit Facilities for a Better Tomorrow

CRisMac Krishak facilitates exclusively structured rural credit appraisal by addressing risk assessment for both borrower and lender. Built with predictive analytics models, the software allows lenders to gauge product market value and assist marginalized farmers with loan structuring.

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CRisMac IRAC Asset Classification | Safeguard Assets with Risk Mitigation Data Analytics

Run risk computations based on external credit ratings and RBI’s defined risk weight factors which consider Credit Risk Mitigation (CRM) securities. Provisioning on the basis of the classification of assets is based on the period for which the asset has remained non-performing and the availability of security and the realizable value thereof.

Financial Business | Covid-19 Response

In a Changing World — Digital Innovation is Just a Primary Lookout

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2020 was all about — work safe, which is now — work smart.


Our digital Banking and Finance services stood the test of time for teams of many sizes and multiple processes.


Our 130+ team of bankers and engineers focus on advancing the financial sphere for an all-inclusive outlook on spending and investing in the new era.

As we progress in innovating with new technologies we strive to intensify collaboration with clients to overcome future complexities.


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