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Credit Monitoring System


CRisMac Credit Monitoring App is a cross platform mobile app that enables real time monitoring of stressed loan accounts by field functionaries of Banks. Data of loan accounts of individual customers is made available to Bank officers in real time.

Key Differentiators
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CRisMac Credit Monitoring App compiles and reports various information about borrower, checks against the covenants, behaviour of the borrower, analysis of statements (Stock Statement, Financials, etc.) and preparation of review/ renewal and credit note.


Features of CRisMac CMA

With growing number of borrowers, it has become increasingly difficult for Banks to diversify resources for all customers. Also, recovery operational efforts are a cost which does not yield in return unless recovery happens. CRisMac Recovery Analytics optimizes costs for recovery efforts by offering analytics that monitor datasets to offer an overview for each portfolio and customer segment.

Recovery Analytics

Key Differentiators of CRisMac CMA

Facts and figures of accounts can be updated by the officer as and when required, say during a field visit by search functionaries and the updates will be available to Nodal officers and other designated senior functionaries at all times.


A Nodal Officer - the branch manager or credit officer and zonal office- can assign specific task to the dealing officer and track any action completion.


Allocation of bulk accounts by branch manager to various field functionaries at a branch and other activities such as report generation is done through the web-based version of the software at branch premises. However, Bank Managers are able to reallocate and account through mobile apps in case of need.

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CRisMac Range of Credit Monitoring Solutions

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