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CRisMac Integrated Legal Management System

CRisMac Integrated Legal Management System effectively allows stakeholders to collaborate and control the components of recovery efforts objectively culminating in better recovery.

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CRisMac ILMS assists with management of Impaired Assets Portfolios. The software accelerates the lengthy process of loan recovery suits and cases filed under Right to Information Act, Sarfaesi Act and Sec 138 of NI Act.

Our solution helps with central monitoring. Where manual processes lack coordination between branches, higher authorities, and advocates pursuing cases in various courts. The system helps with the increasingly stringent norms as well as new methods of assessment of risk of Banks for Capital charge extending to operational risk.

Features of CRisMac ILMS

CRisMac ILMS facilitates efficient management of Impaired Asset portfolios to influence the quantum of provision on one hand and capital charge on Risk-Weighted Assets on the other.

The system has provisions for recovery like civil Suits, Debt Recovery Tribunals, SARFAESI Proceedings, and Action under PDR Acts, etc.


Key Differentiators of CRisMac ILMS

CRisMac ILMS facilitates effective monitoring of recovery suits filed by the Banks on one hand, and cases filed against the Bank and handling complaints etc. on the other hand. The modules our software uses to monitor the cases are –

  • Empanelled Agencies Analytics

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