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Management Information System

CRisMac Management Information System

Automate transactional and operational MIS reports used for day-to-day or periodical decision-making. Automated analysis initiates corrective actions for business processes to be optimised.

CRisMac Management Information System (MIS) software extensively automates all aspects of reporting to the Bank management as well as to the RBI. CRisMac MIS reporting provides controlling authorities with multiple viewpoints to enable them to make decisions with a holistic outlook.

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CRisMac MIS solution compiles regulatory and business data using integrated analytics processes and provides a robust module for Asset Classification in terms of RBI guidelines. Asset Classification is done generally on a quarterly basis as is required by RBI and for the purpose of quarterly balance sheet preparation. However, if the Bank wishes, monthly asset classification module can also be provided.

Features of CRisMac MIS

Increase Data-integrity for Automated Data Flow

CRisMac MIS easily integrates Automated Data Flow (ADF) and ensures that Banks and Financial Institutions achieve complete automation by eliminating manual intervention and ensuring uniformity and reliability of information while submitting its returns to RBI with the help of a Centralized Data Repository (CDR). The module also helps with – 

    • Maintaining accuracy and integrity of data flowing from the Banking system.

    • Straight through the process (STP) from various transactional systems of the Banks to RBI.

XBRL Reporting

Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) is a freely available global framework of accounting standards used for exchanging business information. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) initiated the idea of using XBRL in 2007 for the regulators in India. 

The Central Bank (RBI) mandates that financial institutions submit reporting in XBRL format. MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) & SEBI (Securities & Exchange Board of India).

SLBC Reporting

SLBC application enables the business and IT teams of Banks to automate the manual and time-consuming SLBC reporting process at the Central level, thus providing standardized and validated reports across all States and Union Territories.

Features ADF

Key Differentiators of CRisMac MIS

CRisMac Asset Classification

In accordance with Asset Class / Segmental / Sectoral rules like for agriculture (Long-term & Short-term Crops), Small loans, Commercial Real Estates, Housing Loans, Sensitive Sector Loans like loans against shares, loans to share brokers etc., Cash Credit accounts, Restructured Accounts.

  • Upgradation and Degradation Tracking

  • Actual Amount Recovered and the Type of Recovery

  • Critical Amount Due Computation

  • NPA movement Report

  • Provision Calculation as per RBI guidelines including variable provisioning on Standard assets

  • Risk Weighted Asset Computation (Basel II Standardised Approach)

  • Capital Requirement Computation

  • Closing Returns of Loans & Advances

  • Pre and Post MOC Audit Reports

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Differentiators ADF

CRisMac Range of Credit Monitoring Solutions

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