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Quickest Implementation for Advanced Analytics and Reporting Solutions

To meet changing market expectations – speed, convenience, and product reliability are important functions for post-deployment phases. Financial sectors have been late to catch on, but it is now possible to deploy advanced systems faster than ever. 


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) helps cope with evolving business transformations. Our technologies are deployed with SaaS subscriptions to enable businesses to easily adopt complex solution ecosystems for business intelligence and regulatory compliance.


Built by bankers for bankers, our SaaS Systems increase efficiency, transparency, profitability and meet regulatory compliance guidelines across all lines of financial businesses.


Reduce Costs for Reporting and Advanced Analytics

Save costs with SaaS enabled software applications for complex reporting and analytics.


Shortest Timelines for System Deployment and Training

Accelerate business models with quick inclusions of new analytics and reporting software.


Security and Functionality Upgrades Are Timesaving, and Seamless

Avoid rechannelling business resources for constant upgradation of software and system security.

SaaS Products

CRisMac Early Warning Systems

A set of automated processes for identifying risk at a nascent stage in the bank's loan portfolio, using measurable indicators. The rule based Early Warning System identifies borrowers at risk of distress or default and suggest preventive measures in time.

CRisMac Asset Classification

Our module runs risk computations based on external credit ratings and RBI’s defined risk weight factors after taking consideration of CRM (Credit Risk Mitigation) securities. Improvements for the method of IRB (Internal Risk Based) system is included for future adaptation of new modules.


Service We Offered

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Application Migration
System Integration.png
System Integration
Data Subscription.png
Data Subscription
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FinTech Consultancy
Support and Training.png
Support and Training
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Solution Architecture
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Cloud Implementation

D2K Technologies Products

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Loan Processing

Innovate in Dynamic Loan Markets with End-to-end Lending Automation 

Credit Monitoring.png

Credit Monitoring

Build Compliance-first Credit Monitoring Systems for Big Data Analytics 

Recovery and Settlements.png

Recovery and Settlements

Amplify Borrower Tracking and Prevent Defaults with Predictive Insights 

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Asset Management

Restructure Asset Management Reporting without Software Overhauls 

Balance Sheet.png

Balance Sheet

Increase Data Integrity for Reconciliation with Comprehensive Overviews 

Regulatory Compliance.png

Regulatory Reporting

Build Research and Automation Applications for Time-Critical Reports 

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AI/ML Reporting and Analytics

Transform Reporting Automation with AI/ML-Powered Data Analytics 

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Audit and Research

Improve Efficiency of Audits with Secure Solutions Built to Improve Data Visibility 


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